Is your business equipped to compete?

You are a bank or an insurance executive. Imagine you must compete against a low-cost, digital institution. Customers can access their accounts by mobile devices, pay with a tab on wearables, offer non-fee cross-border payments or sign a property insurance just by uploading a photo. 

Well, it is. The financial services industry is faced by a drastic technology change. On the one hand, executives try to improve efficiency in their IT departments, on the other hand new fintech start-ups spring up like mushrooms encroaching on established markets. By the end of 2020 almost 30 % of the business is at risk concerning several surveys.

Do you think this is not realistic? 


Providing a number one service

We strongly believe in a marketplace where customers can easily get what they need – without any obstacles. Blockchain, open banking, artificial intelligence – only a few buzzwords to highlight the importance of the current drive taking place on the financial sector. As your partner, we combine the right technologies in this competitive surrounding to perform your digital strategy at its best and assure your long-term financial growth. 

Transformation means to adapt to the new and auspicious possibilities popping up, adjusting the existing IT-structure and heading to a restructuration which can combine the now with the new normal. To achieve such a target, we believe in a marketplace infrastructure which can easily plug-in any kind of fintech services.

Transformation of the

banking and insurance world –

We build your marketplace!


Our journey has just begun

Our business idea was born by the power of attraction of the marketplace in its traditional sense of meaning. The diverse range of products of a bazaar is unbeatable, finding anything at one place - fresh, fast and easy. 

So why not uniting supply and demand of a diverse product range in the financial sector with new applications, disruptive ideas and new business models springing like mushrooms out of the ground? In other words, keeping the balance between the financial sector and the consumption of a wide range of products with the help of an attractive solution for everyone participating in this bazaar in a figurative sense? Transporting this idea to the financial sector: That is the challenge we accepted, and we are passionately striving for, together with our partners – whatever it takes.








Join us in Switzerland

Certainly, behind every idea and performance, there are real people. For never before in the financial sector there has been such a strong demand of people striving to think beyond the horizons and to break ideas down to the most convenient solution for end-users. 

As a powerful team, we ensure that we have the right people surrounded by each other: Strategic and passionate thinkers work closely together with hands-on implementers combined with a deep understanding of long-standing and new arising technologies. As we have big plans and growing fast we are looking for more passionate, experienced, specialized “ubitechies” but also for talented career changers to join our team!

Do you wish to develop to your full potential in an inspiring and low-hierarchy working atmosphere? 

Then we should talk about our vacancies! 




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